About Thor

From the launch of the Thor panini grill in 2001, Thor cooking equipment has developed into a broad range of commercial cooking SOLUTIONS. Thor delivers VALUE in commercial foodservice equipment by combining simplistic design with superior manufacturing processes.

Why Us?

Thor commercial cooking equipment is committed to providing total customer SATISFACTION.

By offering an EXTENSIVE range of gas and electrical counter-top and freestanding cooking equipment, Thor is able to provide a total solution to your commercial kitchen needs.

Ovens Ranges, Contact grills, Toaster Grills, Conveyor Toasters, Hot Dog Rollers, Griddles, Warming Equipment, Char Broilers, Hot Plates, Fryers, Salamanders.

Thor knows the demands of the commercial kitchen and is COMMITTED to providing you quality product and the lowest possible price.

 profitability and reliability are the key to a successful kitchen and we GUARANTEE you will not be disappointed in Thor.

Like what you see?

The Thor team is on hand to discuss how Thor can help you meet all of your commercial cooking requirements.

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